So I found your blog today and well, your art is so beautiful! Just looking through your stuff, I've seen a lot of improvement. So thank you for sharing! (P.S. your theme is really pretty)


I’m happy to share my stuff with you guys <33

what do you think about nali ? have ever thought about drawing it?


Don’t ship it. Even though they were really cute in their childhood. but If I start to draw them in childhood, it will end in cutie Nalu. Can’t help it ^^

Your arts are great! NaLu arts are great! You are great! I want to see Loke at your draw style (may be with Lucy). Please please please ^^. That's all :D P.S. My English is not good.


I drew a Lolu once… you can find it here ^^

Your FT fanart are my favorites >w< plus, your theme is really pretty :o

Wow that really touched my heart.

wahh thank you~ I’m really touched ;;v;; glad you like the theme btw <333

I will protect your future. {}

Gruvia week : Day 3- Change

Boy, we go on that way!

*holds up sign "10"* NALU. NALU INTENSIFIED. HELP. FEELS. WOO. I'm just casually singing the 15th opening on your blog and I don't speak Japanese ^_^ We need a full version soon.


I can’t even! we need it now. yeah ;;w;;

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