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Hi~ (◕‿◕)ノ

Here I post my Art ,sketch and more FT stuff !

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UGH I wanna I could commish you ;-; my hubby loves your nalu art and I'd love to surprise him with some from you for our anniversary! <3

I wish I can do your Commish ;w; I’m still waiting ma computer TTATT


Yo sup guys!! I hope you’re doin fine! :D
I’d like to thank you all for your birthday wishes ;3; I’m so glad you didn’t forget me my dears! I also wanted to apologize to those fine people I didn’t replied yet and for my inactivity this last month… Yeah since studies started again, I don’t have time, I moved on another place and I’m still waiting for a computer ;A; I’m terribly sorry to my waifu for not giving some news! I’m really busy with my new life. I hope i will be able to talk with you soon ;—-;

I miss my fandom, my drawings, and you guys!

Bybye see you soon ;3

You're a great artist, if you had a fav fairy tail couple, who'd it be?

Ohh thanks! Guess who :)

Am I the only one getting very impatient about a Nalu scene or any other ship in fairy tail? if Hiro does do a scene between natsu and lucy lets hope its not crazy and awkward since both of them act that way (like make them a bit older and mature) I want an intense one!!! That's my opinion... How bout u? What do u expect if Hiro decides to make a scene (and it doesn't have to be nalu it can be any ship that u like)

We all expect an intense Nalu scene fufu~~

Like this Cutie Gajevy moment for exemple x3 About that, Mashima wrote
on twitter that he was making a romantic scene (Well I guess it’s was about that one) so I think we will be notified if he plans to do another hahaha!

I’d also like to see more Miraxus moment oooh and Gruvia! Close to the kiss tho HOHOHOHO

Hi there I wanna say that I love you and your art so much,I want to know what are your thoughts about chap 400 of fairy tail? ,I'm pretty shocked myself,also do you have any opinions what will happen next?

Yeah I’m still under the shock as well… I dont know tbh. I guess Igneel isn’t the only Dragon hidden into his dragon slayer..! If no, why they all felt the same thing? So it would be a fight between Dragons.
Furthermore, I wonder what is the connection between Acnologia and E.N.D. Acnologia wants to destroy it because it can destroy him. And the other thing is that Igneel said that they can all destroy E.N.D together…so Natsu isn’t E.N.D?

Uh really confusing chapter…

Do you ship stinerva?

Since some stinerva moments I consider this pairing like a potential ship ^^ otherwise I dont really ship Sting with someone else tbh.

Have you planned to record a draw while you lineart and painting it?

Yeah of course! I just need an easy software for that. Lolz sorry I’m rly lazy since it’s not the first time it has been asked.

I understand that you love Natsu(me too),but my question is : what do you find in Natsu?

This is an adorable dork.

(Every fangirl has this) What's that one anime character you find really sexy?

mmmh Natsu..!~

Look at this sex appeal!fairy tail animated GIF

 he knows how to charm a girl,

fairy tail animated GIF

he sure has strength!

fairy tail animated GIF

 well I just can’t resist to this sexy beast.

hello! I'm so glad that you're going to draw miraxus. You have no idea how much i've been wishing to see miraxus from you because I love your art and your coloring and when i see them in my dash, i've been imagining how you'll draw miraxus sometime and how great it would look so let me take this time to thank you <3

oh woow!! ;;;;wwww;;;;  this is too much for my heart. ugghh  this touched me alot anon-chan ♥ 

kiss animated GIF

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